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Price list

All prices for dives include equipment 

Daytrip Two Guided Dives € 95 (All equipment included) (10am-2.30pm)

Daytrip Two Guided Dives € 90 (tank and weights)

One Guided Boat Dive € 75 (All equipment included) (10am-2.30pm)

One Guided shore Dive starts from € 70 (All equipment included)


Package of 6 Guided Dives (3 Daytrips) € 270 per person


Discover Scuba Diving Experience (shore) € 65(For people without diving experience, max depth 5m)

Basic Diver (boat) €100 (For people without diving experience max depth 12m)

Snorkeling Experience € 45


Rental of Underwater Camera € 10


Passenger on board 20th of June-20th of September € 40

Passenger on board other dates: €20

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