Operation Wallacea

Samos Dive Center and Operation Wallacea have started cooperating since 2015. Operation Wallacea is based in the Archipelagos Marine base in Pythagorio and for two months students are run through a series of biological and conservation management research programmes. The role of Samos Dive Center is to actively support the students going through their PADI courses. From the Dive Center the students can order , purchase and receive once they get here, the PADI manual, PADI PIC processing envelope, PADI log book and a wet suit. Other materials can also be purchased after an arrangement.

Padi Manual ( Price : 40 €)



PADI PIC processing envelope (Price : 30 €)



PADI log book (Price : 20 €)



Wet suit (Price : 200 €)



Take a look at this link to find the size suitable for you. These are 5mm thick http://www.teknodiver.com/inglese/tabella_misure_semistagne.html


Note that you are required to have both the Manual and PIC to get certified, and the prices quoted above are for buying both of them. If you have only the Manual and you need to buy the PIC, an extra amount of 15 Euros has to be charged on the price of the PIC.

Please get in touch with me so that you can get further information about ordering and payment.

Anthony Nicolaides
Samos Dive Center