Certified Training

We also provide diver training based on PADI diving standards, listed below. You will have to download and fill out the medical statement for any courses that you will take. If you answer YES to any of the questions you must consult with a physcian prior to participating. This can also be done here with an M.D.


Introduces scuba as an activity that allows children to experience the underwater world. Under close supervision from 8 years and older they can swim around in scuba gear under direct supervision of a PADI instructor in shallow confined water, just playing.

Scuba Review

Sharpens your skills and knowledge after an extended period of non-diving. You can also choose to tune up your theory by selecting PADI Scuba Tune-up eLearning.

Scuba Diver Course

This level consists of directly supervised dives. The dives are up to 12 meters. This course can be finished in 2 days.

Scuba Diver Upgrade

From the Scuba Diver course upgrade to the Open Water Diver certificate. Five dives are needed and can be done in just 3 days.

Open Water Diver Course

You are taught the skills and knowledge you need to dive with a buddy, independent of supervision. The dives are up to 18 meters. This course can be finished in 4 to 5 days.

Specialty Courses

A number of specialties are offered. They are Nitrox, Boat Diver, Deep Diver, Digital U/W Photographer, Multilevel Diver, U/W Navigator, Peak Performance Buoyancy, Coral Reef Conservation, Project AWARE.


You can do the theory lessons for the Open Water, Advanced Open Water, Rescue and Divemaster Courses at home and finish off the training dives at Samos Dive Center. Some of the fees can be deducted from your course fees.

Advanced Open Water Diver Course

The Advanced Open Water Diver Course takes 3 days. The dives are up to the maximum allowed depth of 40 meters. The Deep and Navigation dives are obligatory and you can choose 3 other dives from: Aware Fish Identification, Boat Dive, DPV Dive, Drift Dive, Dry Suit Dive (if you are about 70 kg.) Multilevel & Computer Dive, Peak Performance Buoyancy, Underwater Naturalist, Search & Recovery and Underwater Photography.

Emergency First Response

You are taught the basics of First Aid, CPR, and Secondary Care for adults, children and infants.

Rescue Diver Course

Teaches divers to look beyond themselves and to consider the safety and well being of other divers. At this level divers are ready to learn to manage more complex dive emergencies and to apply direct intervention techniques to assist others in an emergency.

Divemaster Course

Involves higher-level learning that emphasizes problem solving. This is the first step to becoming a PADI professional.